Learn the importance of mock tests with the best online home tuition tutor in Mohali

Importance of home tuition

As the entrance exams are going on, candidates are preparing with their best efforts. Whether they are preparing for medical or engineering exams, they need to clear their respective entrance exams. And qualifying for the exams is not enough these days as the competition level has risen in past years. However, some parents put their individuals to different coaching centers or hire any teacher for online or home tuitions. Some students prefer to study on their own. Whatever the scenario, mock tests are the best for self-assessment and boost confidence. Students are preparing to achieve their goals with Brainstorm, the best online home tuition tutor in Mohali


Our dedicated teachers are experts to guide the students in every possible way. They not only help the students to prepare for the exams but also make sure to help them in qualifying for those entrance exams. So, students can enroll in their dream college after 10+2. Brainstorm’s home tuition in Mohali has prepared mock test series for students to prepare after practice sessions. Some students ignore attempting mock tests and only focus on practice. So, let’s understand what mock tests are and what purpose they served? 


What is a mock test?

It’s a process of practicing with model test papers for any entrance exams by following the same guidelines as the actual exam. It’s a kind of self preparatory and self-assurance test so that students can realize how much they have prepared and what’s left. 


What is the purpose of a mock test? 

  • How well students have studied for the particular exam.
  • Manage time management skills
  • Reveals strong and weak points in any subject.
  • Improve their skills in a specific area.
  • Lead them toward the topics where they need more concentration. 


How do mock tests play an important role in entrance exams?

Familiarize with the actual exam:

The primary concern of mock tests is to make students familiar with the environment of the exam scenario. Students get an idea of the syllabus, exam pattern, time management. After practicing for months, they regularly regulate their sitting time. It makes them more comfortable during the exam rather than those who haven’t practiced mock tests or less. After giving multiple attempts in mock test series, they get aware of their syllabus. Teachers of home tuition in Mohali guide the students at every step through the mock series.   

Guide to try different methods:

By attempting various mock sessions, students can try strategies taught by their teachers or tutors or they can opt for their methods. Choosing different approaches to solve the questions in less time helps the students to prepare best for the actual exam. 

Less anxiety:

As the mock test series gives the same taste as the actual exam, students have faceless anxiety during the entrance examination. Otherwise, students lose their marks while attempting for finals in anxiety. In fear of losing marks in negative marking, some students fill out the wrong answers in OMR sheets. 


A mock test is the best approach for those students who are preparing for their exams on their own. They can see where they lack and which particular subject or topic needs revision. Check and be assured of your attempt with the Home tutor in Mohali mock test series. We have arranged a series of mock tests after your revision session completion. It helps to track your progress by analyzing your weak and strong points.