How to make your break time productive while preparing for exams at home?

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2021 has been a challenging year for every student. Staying at home, many students are inactive, lazy, and slow learners. Some students keep themselves busy in their studies while others are playing games on their gadgets. As the entrance exams are coming near, student’s concern has arisen. Sitting continuously for long hours will not make you active or productive. Rather than that, you’ll become a victim of anxiety, tiredness, or sometimes depression. Students underestimate the power of productive short or long breaks and keep on busy with their schedules. So, We providing the home tuition in Chandigarh at affordable price

This competitive era has made students dwelled more on books than extracurricular activities. Brainstorm is the leading best online home tuition tutor in Panchkula and offers multiple courses for students to get through their academic process. Our dedicated tutors guide students to stay focused but also help them to be productive during hectic study times. 

Here, we’ll guide you and make you understand the power of short breaks while preparing for exams by staying at home.


Regular short breaks, not long breaks:

Taking short breaks in routine makes you not only productive but also helps you to stay away from boredom. It also tends to let your body breathe, stretch and relax. So take shorter breaks of 10-15 mins during your study time. Also, reschedule your timetable accordingly so that your other works will not clash with each other. 


Power nap:

One of the most important factors is related to short breaks. You can set a 15-20 mins alarm to get a power nap and start your work afterward. It helps to refocus your mind and relax your body. Even if there’s a need for a break during long working hours and most of your syllabus is pending, try this therapy. It will help your mind to get a quick rest and refresh your mind. But let your pillow fool you for a long hour of sleep!!



What could be a better approach than meditation during this tension period? It is also the best therapy to relax your mind and help you to focus and avoid distraction. You can meditate while sitting on a chair, lying on the bed, or just sitting on the floor. Find yourself in a comfortable area and take a deep breath for 5-10 minutes. We guarantee you it will give you peace of mind. 


Sit with your family:

Sitting and spending quality time with your family is more than therapy. Headache or anxiety? It will go away while talking about your small issues with them. 


Turn into chef:

You heard it right! Cooking something delicious or making tea or coffee not only helps to relax your body but also makes you productive and happy. Make some snacks in the evening time for 20 mins and treat yourself. 


Listen to good music:

Music is a healer for everyone. It helps to aid your mood swings. Don’t settle for sad or low music rather choose something interesting. Motivational, enthusiastic, calm, or metallic kind of music helps to lower down your stress level. 


Call your friend:

Only a good friend knows how to cheer you up during hard times. Just have a quick call to your friend and talk. Avoid texting !! cherish and enjoy your moments. 



If you are not a good dancer, there is no problem. Turn on the music and dance. Let yourself flow into the music and tap to the beats. Dancing helps to refrain from negative thoughts and cleanse your mind with optimism.

Brainstorm is the one-stop solution for your home tuition in Chandigarh. Prepare for your exam in the best possible way and take short breaks too.