How to prepare for NEET-2021 with home tuition in Panchkula?

home tutor for NEET

Preparing for entrance exams during a pandemic has been a challenging task for students. Staying at home and preparing for competitive exams takes a lot of effort and a strict schedule. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for candidates to have a better chance of getting into India’s medical and dental institutes. At various levels, this competitive exam evaluates the competence of medical students. To succeed on the exam, students must have a thorough comprehension of the fundamental concepts. However, students need to prepare the timetable and keep monitoring their performance. Brainstorm offering the home tuition in Panchkula at best price.

Brainstorm is the leading home tuition in Panchkula guiding students to prepare and achieve their goals. NEET requires a self-evident study program for satisfactory results. When it comes to NEET, there are four subjects to consider: physics, chemistry, botany, and zoology. Based on previous trends and experience it can easily be viewed that the Chemistry section of NEET is a scoring section. 


The Chemistry section of the NEET includes 45 questions. This section is easier and requires less time. In order to grasp the Chemistry section, Students must be completely comfortable with the NCERT syllabus as the majority of questions are from NCERT and are straightforward. Pay equal attention to Physical, organic, and inorganic chemistry.




Whereas, physics is the toughest subject according to most of the students. It carries 45 questions and Mechanics, Optics, electrostatics, Thermodynamics, and Nuclear Physics need more focus for the physics section. Here, theoretical topics are easier to crack than numerical. 


It is the easiest subject rather than other subjects. It includes 90 questions. So, students have a high chance to secure maximum marks in it. Home tuition for neet preparation are dedicated to provide the necessary material and share their experiences with students. Among other topics from this subject, Plant Anatomy, Pollination, DNA Replication, Photosynthesis, Endocrine System, Excretory and Nervous System & Digestive System are the important ones. 

Our home tutors in Panchkula assist the medical stream students in preparing for NEET exams. The exam date is scheduled for 12th September 2021, so students have very little time to prepare for it. In this article, we’ll go through some of the best ways to improve your knowledge in preparation for the NEET. 

Be dedicated towards time-table:

Collect your syllabus, books, and notes, and start making your timetable. Be aware of the current updates and upgrades to avoid any hindrance later. Students get deviated from their path very easily when it comes to strict study structures. Make your parents and friends aware of your study timings to avoid getting disturbed during the preparation period. Brainstorm is the best online home tuition tutor in Panchkula to help you from preparing your timetable for the NEET exam to qualifying it. 


Clear all doubts:

When it comes to clearing your doubts, students start getting shy. Not asking your doubts on time can trouble you in exams. Be it online or offline classes, it’s better to start asking for doubts. Brainstorm’s home tutors in Panchkula ensure to create a comfortable environment for students so that they can ask their questions anytime.  

Don’t ignore NCERT

For NEET, always start with NCERT and clear your basics and also in a very simple way. Most of the questions are asked from NCERT books, so don’t ignore them to have a good revision of it. 

Other ways to stay dedicated to NEET preparation is;

  • Make short breaks your friends
  • Say bye to social media
  • Embrace your good health with a regular workout
  • Watch more study related videos from professionals on youtube. 
  • Discuss with your friends and teachers 
  • Check the previous year’s questions.