Things to know about CBSE two-exam policy for class 10th & 12th in 2021-22.

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The education system has been facing many challenges as the lockdown period has been extended this year too. Parents, as well as students and teachers, are concerned about their children’s academic success. The Indian education board is trying out some new approaches to maintain student’s academic sessions. The central board of Secondary education (CBSE) has announced new norms for schools to follow during the exam period. They decided to take a two-exam policy for students. This decision has been appreciated by some people but some are speaking against the board rules. Some students think that it may overboard their study pressure. Brainstorm’s home tuition in Zirakpur came as a rescue team guiding the students to understand the whole criteria.

As there were no tests to qualify pupils for a year, many students in Class 10 and 12 had a difficult year. Online classes keep students busy and connected to studies throughout the year. The CBSE board came up with this idea to split the session into two terms. However, In July 2021, some detailed details will be confirmed. The board released & published specific pandemic recommendations. Students are concerned about their syllabus and the board’s standards. Home tutor in Zirakpur offering continuous support to students to overcome these challenges.

Let’s understand what kind of changes the CBSE board is enforcing in the Indian education system.

  • There will be two exams: one in the first term and one in the second. In November and December, the CBSE Board Exam 1st Term will be held. In March-April 2022, the CBSE 2nd Term Board Exam 2021 will be held.
  • Only 50% syllabus will be included in both terms. So, second term exams will not contain questions of first term exams.
  • The examinations of classes 10th & 12th will include multiple-choice questions and subjective ones too.
  • Equal weightage will be provided in final exams for each term.
  • First-term exams; will be conducted approximately in November-dec 2021. 90 mins will be given to students. Moreover, only subjective questions will be asked. Along with the question paper, a rationalized syllabus and marking scheme will be provided there too. 
  • Whereas, second-term exams will be for 2 hrs and will contain subjective questions. 
  • Internal tests, practicals, and projects for both classes 10 and 12 will also be conducted by the students.

The officials also confirmed that if the pandemic situation remained the same, it would not be feasible for normal descriptive examination. Then, for the second term examination, the same criteria will be followed as for 1st term exams. However, in that scenario, 90mins MCQ-based questions will be asked. The students’ answers will be recorded on OMR sheets, which will be sent to the CBSE portal the same day for scanning and reviewing.

However, it is also made sure that if the COVID-19 situation will be improved then the examinations will take place in schools. Practical and theoretical exams will be taken with the same weightage in each term. 

Students have mixed reactions to this announcement as they are not able to spend equally on studies and other activities. With home tuition in Zirakpur, students are getting complete guidance from our tutors to combat this situation. Whatever be the situation in the coming future regarding the pandemic period, it’s necessary for students to give their best in their studies. Being the best online home tuition tutor in Zirakpur, Brainstorm facilitates integrated services to students and parents. They can take studies support with our 24*7 customer care services.