Career Options after 10th Class

career options after 10th class

This is the most important decision of educational career after 10th class. So many students remain in doubt and cannot decide what to do after 10th class results. There are many career options after 10th class. Major options are Arts, Commerce and Science streams. Many students select the wrong streams due to the advice of their friends. But later on, during classes, they feel study difficult. So, always a select stream of your choice and interest.

Career Options after 10th Class

Students have the following choices after passing 10th class.

  • Arts or Humanities Stream with Subject Combinations
  • Commerce Stream
  • ITI Certificate Courses
  • Polytechnic Diploma Courses
  • Science Stream (Medical)
  • Science Stream (Non-Medical)

Science Stream (Non-medical)

In this stream, students select Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics along with two other subjects in the 11th class. Therefore, this option is good for students interested in engineering or non-medical lines.

Science Stream (Medical)

The stream is a good choice for the students interested in life sciences and wants to help others. Students can select Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as major subjects along with two other choice-based subjects. In addition to it, students need so much sincerity and hard work for this profession later in their careers.

Commerce Stream

Students with interest in finances, numbers, and economics are suitable ones for commerce stream. In this stream, students select subjects like accountancy, business economics, business law, and business study. You will also be introduced to income tax, auditing, foundational training in accounting, marketing, and general business economics.

Arts Stream

Students interested in journalism, mass media, sociology, human psychology, literature, social service, politics, history, and economics can go for the Arts stream. Besides this, they can even take Arts with Mathematics in the 11th class.

Polytechnic Diploma

Students also can go for 3 years polytechnical diploma after 10th class exam. They can opt for any one of the following branches.

  • Diploma in Architect
  • Diploma in Civil, Electrical Engineering, Machinal, Electronics or Computer Science Engineering
  • Diploma in Dairy Engineering
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Instrumentation and Control
  • Diploma in Textile Technology

ITIs Career Option

Students can for professional training in various job-oriented courses in ITIs. Here students get skill-based education along with 11th and 12th classes.

Thus, the following are career options after the 10th class. Students should select the stream of their choice and considerable interest in the subjects.