Answer Writing Tips for Board Exam

answer writing tips for board exam

There is a difference between writing a simple answer and a perfect answer. So many students write simple or crammed answers. It is not up the demand of the question. Crammed answer rarely fetches good marks. Students should first understand the demand of the question. Then think for a while and start answering. They should start the answer using some of the words from the question. Writing a good does not come in a day. It takes a long time to become a good writer. The following are some of the best answer writing tips for board exam.

Answer Writing Tips for Board Exam

1. Take Few Minutes to Read Paper

Students should first understand the meaning in question. They should know what the examiner wants to ask. Then collect some facts and start writing.

2. First Attempt the Question You Know Better

This is a good way first to write the answer you know better. This will leave a good effect on the examiner. Simply attempt the question in descending order from better answer to normal answer.

3. Write to The Point with Word Limits

Students should write to the point because irrelevant answers never fetch you good marks. Be precise and realistic.

4. Write Answers Grammatically Correct

Grammar is the base for writing any of the languages either English or Hindi. The answer should be grammatical should be correct i.e. spelling, grammar, punctuation marks, etc.

5. Highlight and Underline Important Lines

This is another way of getting good marks. Underline some of the famous lines and quotes. This will decorate the answer with maturity.

6. Try to Attempt All Questions

All the students should try to attempt all the questions. Because if you are leaving some of the questions unanswered, then you get marks from decreased maximum marks. Simply something is better than nothing in case of the question you don’t know properly.

Thus, students by following the above-mentioned tips can write an excellent answer in any of the board exams. The calm and confident while writing an exam thoroughly.