How to Handle Exam Stress?

how to handle exam stress

Exam stress is common amongst many school students before the exams. There are many reasons for it. Sometimes, stress comes despite good preparation. The reason is students think if they would be able to perform well in the exam or not. Many students underperform due to it. Parents should play a big role during their kid’s exams. So, how to handle exam stress?

How to Handle Exam Stress?

1. Eat Healthily – Students should eat clean and healthy food. Sometimes, proper nutrients intake also causes uneasiness and leads to stress.

2. Prepare Well – Students should study all the years and prepare for the exam well. No one can cover all the syllabus in the last hours.

3. Remain Confident – Whatever you learned and prepared before, go with it. Attempt as many questions as you can.

4. Attempt First Questions You Know – Everyone should first attempt an answer the questions of which you very well. For this question, you no need to think so much.

5. Give at Least 4 Revision – Before actually appearing in the final exam, students should have had at least four revisions. In simple words, more revision leads to good memorization. Improve your concentration power.

6. Group-discussion – While studying, students should remain in touch with each other. This will give them extra courage and create interest in the study.

7. Role of Parents – They can play a crucial role for the children during exam times. They should help in managing the schedule of them. Parents must keep their morale high all the way.

Thus, in the following ways, both parents and students can handle exam stress. Students should remain calm before starting the exam. First, they watch the question papers and then quickly decide which to attempt first. Normally, write first the answer you know well. Then take up other questions one by one. Don’t waste time on a question where you need to think so much. Take them in the last.