The Council for the Indian faculty Certificate Examination (CICCE), ICSE, ISC conducts annual examinations to cut back the course of study by twenty-five percent within the coming back year as there’s a big shortage within the year. COVID-19 Teaching Hours Against the Epidemic ”
“Although many colleges related to with CISCE have tried to adopt this modified state of affairs and keep the teaching-learning method alive through on-line categories, there has been a big shortage and loss of teaching hours throughout the educational year.” a press release told the board.

CCSE has worked with its material consultants to cut back the course of study for all major subjects in ICSE (Class 10) and ISC (Class 12) to account for the loss of teaching hours within the current session 2020-2021.) Level.

The council declared that “the course of study has been unbroken visible of the linear progress created throughout the unbroken topics is there including the reduction categories intact.”

The council on Fri declared Associate in the Nursing analysis set up for unfinished exams for grades 10 and 12th exams is canceled due to COVID -19 pandemic

According to the setup, the most effective of the 3 marks candidates are assessed, the share project work, and also the subject project. Students get a median of 3 share points within the subjects wherever the board test is conducted. The subject project class refers to the entire marks obtained by the candidate within the internal analysis of the papers, whereas the percentage of the marks obtained by the candidate within the internal analysis of the topic project papers.


  1. Maths
  2. English
  3. History and civics
  4. GeographyPhysics
  5. Chemistry
  6. Biology
  7. Computer science

The key points of the revised assessment theme are mention below.

  • Average marks scored by the scholar within the ICSE tenth and ISC twelfth board papers (which were already conducted) were taken into
  • Internal Assessment (for tenth Class) or Subject project and sensible Work are going to be taken into consideration whereas marking the off
  • Percentage Subject Internal Assessment (for ICSE/ tenth Class) or proportion subject Project and sensible Work (For twelfth / ISC) also will play a crucial role whereas grading the remaining
  • New Marks imputation formulae are designed to check General tutorial
  • According to the skilled statisticians of the country (who helped to style the new imputation formulae for these off-board communicating papers), the analysis matrix ensures fairness to any or all the candidate’s World Health Organization had appeared within the board
  • As per the new grading matrix discharged by CISCE, the results of the ICSE, ISC examination is going to declare on or before Gregorian calendar month fifteen, 2020, on the official web

The Council specialists state that the inner assessment element tells a few student’s proficiency whereas the common marks within the best 3 subjects tell regarding the student’s general tutorial ability.



ISC Mark improvement principles for the year 2020 examination is developed by the prestigious Statist from Premier Institutes in the country.

Factors used in computations

Advantage of Candidate These breeze Marks in Board Examination: Average of the marks obtained by the candidates in the Board Examination of Abstract Sprints. Board and Practical Verb. Subject and Practical Work: Total marks obtained by the candidate. The candidate got in practical work on the subject and project. Note that these are the marks obtained for project and practical work, expressed as a percentage.

Explanation: 1. The formula is working to give marks in the project and practical work component as they have appeared so far in candidates in board exams is limiting in work on subjects. Given, their average points are best measured by three objects. The former measures the subject proficiency of the candidates and the second measures their general academic ability.

The algorithm is used for:

  1. The test for the project and the practical work is pending.
  1. Subject Board Marks Percentage = 0.7a + 3b
  1. Set the board as Subject Boardmarks = Subject Border Marksheet × Weight Board Marks, Geography. , Psychology, Biology, and Home Science, on board 70, and Henkate weightage board marks should be 7. Board marks for subject study are in the 80s, so the weightage board marks should be 0.8.
  2. C) Get final marks as follows:


Out of the three candidates who attended, take the best two, and for the candidates who attended both subjects, take the best one.

2.) For Alternative English, use the following formula: Subject Final Marks = Average Percentage Score The following formula for English Language (Paper 1) & Literature in English (Paper 2) Art Paper 5 Form:


  1. To calculate an average, convert all digits to percentage points. For candidates who will be registered for marks improvement but are unable to appear for any paper, their subject paper board percentage marks basis on the first percentage marks obtained in the final board paper for that subject. The formula is given in 1 (a) should be obtained by changing A.

3 Examples: Example 1: 30% marks for internal marks and 70% for external subject

Download marking scheme:- click here