How to Become An Accountant?

how to become an accountant

An accountant is a skilled and trained person who maintains the accounts. He/she works both in small and medium scale businesses. It comprises things like maintaining a balance sheet, ledger or bookkeeping related data. This is a hard-working profession and fetches smart salaries. They can work both in private and government-owned companies. So many people work for their own financial departments. The person should be known with the latest technological things like computer applications, etc. So, how to become an accountant?

How to become an accountant? Its Details

Eligibility and Educational Qualifications

  • The aspiring candidates should have completed the Senior Secondary Examination (12th) or equivalent recognized examination. They should have either accounts, economics or mathematics as one of the subjects.
  • Candidates with graduation are more preferred and have an advantage.
  • They should possess basic computer knowledge and applications. They are MS Word, Tally, etc.

Accountant Becoming Process

There are mainly three ways to become an accountant. They can enter the industry in the following ways.

Self-Employed Accountant

This is the most preferred type in today’s time. As most of the peoples want to remain independent while having jobs. Candidates can work for various types of firms weekly or on a daily basis. They no need to be bound. They can schedule their work for the whole week. Along with this, they can even work for their own business side by side. As a result, they can get smart salaries by working on a day’s basis. On average, the earning of an accountant (working independently) is ranging from Rs.20000 to Rs.25000 per month.

Accountant in Private Sector

Applicants have big and wide job scope in private local and multinational companies. They can work there in financial departments in certain sections. They can get a certain monthly salary despite any slowdown in the markets. But they need to go through a tough selection process. There is cut-throat competition in the private sector. The new recruits can get Rs.10000 to Rs.12000 as a starting one. After gaining some of the experiences they can get Rs.20000 to Rs.25000 per month. But in the private sector, there is no limit on salary. If you are a hard worker then the time is yours.

Accountant in Government Sector

Both states and central governments also are recruiting accountants for finance departments. The selection process is done through a written exam and followed by an interview. Normally, they select commerce graduates.

Career Options and Job Types

  • Accountant
  • Accounts Officer
  • Assistant Accounts Officer
  • Junior Accountant
  • Section Officer
  • Senior Accountant
  • Senior Accounts Officer

In brief, this is the way an accountant can start his/her career. Furthermore, they can progress in the profession after gaining some certain job experience. Thus, they can earn smartly both in private and government sectors jobs.