Why do students prefer home tuition in India over group tuition?

home tuition in India

The increasing competition for entrance exams and almost all the high-ranking colleges putting high cut-offs is causing a lot of stress to students. Over the years, students are switching from group tuition to home tuition. To ensure your child’s comfort, you may want to hire the best home tuition- tutor in Mohali.


Brainstorm is dedicated to providing the best home tuition in Mohali. The students need to push beyond their boundaries to outperform others. However, this is extremely tough. The school teachers also cannot handle a class of more than 20 students. In situations like this, it becomes extremely tough for students to keep up with the thing. Personalized attention is extremely helpful for students, but that doesn’t happen in group tuition.


The tutors from the best home tuition in Mohali are playing a significant role in improving students’ performance. Make sure to check out all the professional home tutors of Mohali at Brainstorm to find the best solution for children.


What do children prefer?

Since the competition on the academic front is increasing at a rapid rate, the students prefer home tuition over group ones. The best home tuition- tutor in Mohali can contribute to increasing the score of your children.


Brainstorm tutors follow an extensive teaching technique to meet the needs of students. Experts suggest that most of the students receive private tuition, but the child’s success completely depends on how he or she performs depending on the methodology.


Some of the prominent reasons why the kids prefer home tuition over group tuitions include the following


One-on-one interaction

One of the significant benefits of home tuition is that it provides the benefit of one-on-one interaction. Every student has their own unique needs. While one student will perform exceptionally well with minimum attention, some of them may need a little more push. One-on-one interaction enables the teacher to identify the major weak points of the students.


The private tutors at Brainstorm specifically work on students’ weak points, thereby helping them overcome fear. This, however, isn’t possible in a group student. Moreover, when you try to teach them in a group, the confusion only increases. As a result, the tutor can identify the weak point in private tuition and help them improve.


Custom lessons

Customized lessons are yet another great advantage of the best home tuition- tutor in Mohali. With the professional home tutors from Brainstorm, the students benefit from choosing a lesson they want to learn first or the one that needs more attention.


In a private setting, the tutor doesn’t need to pay attention to 20 students. Hence, they easily know who to give their attention to and whose queries to solve first. Furthermore, the students get to learn at their own pace, depending on the goals and topic they’ve chosen. This further has a huge impact on improving the productivity of students. Customized lessons from home tutors at Brainstorm is the most beneficial for students who have learning disabilities.


Better learning methodology and materials

School learning mostly relies on textbooks, and they follow a very rigid teaching structure. However, in settings like this, the child may become stressed, especially understanding the practical matters. The private tuitions follow a very informal setting. As a result, the tutor can easily choose a subject and choose a particular methodology for teaching.


Furthermore, many of these tutors provide the benefit of video animation, which plays a vital role in enhancing the explanation procedure. As a result, it will provide the benefit of study materials which isn’t limited. This plays a vital role in helping you learn in a better place.



The home tutors at Brainstorm provide extensive benefits, which is why you may consider hiring them.