What is Online Tutoring? Why should you do it?

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Ever since the pandemic broke out, online tutoring in India has seen a massive rise. Teaching or, rather, tutoring has never been easier. Thanks to the coming in of different websites that have enabled online tutoring. 


Live online tutoring has also enabled many people to get better job opportunities. While so many people have already lost their jobs during the pandemic, online tutoring services have only enabled them to get job opportunities. 


What is online tutoring?

Online tutoring refers to tutoring online or conducting live tutoring sessions online via network and virtual network. The teachers can get in touch with the students remotely, and there’s no necessity to be in the same location. Even when time zones separate the student and teacher, online tutoring can make teaching very easy. 


Online tutoring was followed across different universities. Although online tutoring in India has existed for a long time, it is only in recent times that it is getting popular. 


Many have come up with the best online tutoring services to meet the needs of teachers as well as students. Online tutoring is practiced via different approaches. This internet-based service has only made things easier for students as well as teachers. 


What are the benefits of online tutoring for teachers? 

Over the years, several people have claimed to launch the best online tutoring programs. 


Well, what’s best is that online tutoring in India saves you against different issues, especially the teachers. While both students and teachers benefit equally from online teaching, let us first look at all the teachers’ benefits. 


Convenient and flexible

There’s no requirement to travel to the physical location of the child. Tutoring in India requires the teacher to visit the student. But, online tutoring has only made it flexible. 


Teachers can now decide who they hold the session with, and when would it be. Online tutoring in India gives teachers the flexibility to expand their services across the country. Moreover, it also saves a significant amount of time. As a result, you can enjoy your spare time. 


No compromises

One of the main benefits of these best online tutoring services is that you are no longer within any boundary. Suppose you use a webcam while teaching; you can monitor the child and help them through. Moreover, you will not have to compromise. You can be flexible with your students and be available whenever they need you. 


Safety during the pandemic

One of the greatest benefits of online tutoring in India is that there’s safety against the pandemic. Since tutoring requires either of the two parties to travel to each other’s physical location, it can be one tough choice during the pandemic. 


However, online tutoring provides safety to students as well as the teacher. There’s no requirement to visit the physical location, and all can be done via video conferencing platforms. As long as you have a strong internet connection and laptop or a mobile phone, you can effectively teach your students online. 



Feedback and criticism are critical, especially in tutoring. Not only teachers but the parents also want to know how the student is performing. However, keeping the parents updated in a classroom setting can be difficult. But with online tutoring, the teachers can easily get in touch with the parents of the students and inform them about improvements and performance. 


What are the benefits of online tutoring for students? 

Opting for online tutoring in India can be extremely beneficial for your child. Saving time is one key benefit, but there are more. Some of them include


Skill development

Since a lot of time is saved with online tutoring, the child has ample time to develop new skills. With online tutoring, the child gets a sense of balance and can easily manage the workload as well as other activities. 


Most students need to visit the tutor after or before school, which takes up their tutor. Having a tutor is helpful because they can guide the student through anything. So, it really shouldn’t matter whether the tutor is present physically or online. Moreover, an online tutor can ensure that these tasks are done quickly and within a short period. 


Personalized approach

The students can approach the teacher personally to clarify doubts. The students can view lessons and also record these lessons that they can watch later on. Students do not need to compromise on anything with online teaching. Online teaching is versatile and can help kids learn as per their schedule. 


It doesn’t feel like school.

Not every student likes the feeling of the school. Online tutoring provides an entirely different environment, and students can learn without any external distraction. Moreover, if you follow the one-on-one approach, students can learn more. 



Online tutoring in India is taking up speed. Moreover, strong internet connections are being implemented everywhere for different purposes, ensuring that kids get to learn better. What’s great is that both parties get equal benefits from online tutoring.