Tips to Improve Body Language

tips to improve body language

Body language plays a big role in everyone’s personality. It has the same importance similar to speaking skills. Body language expresses your maturity and supports the concept while conversation. But it should be used in an appropriate manner. Excessive of it may harm your image and fatal to your personality.  This is a skill you learn sometimes naturally or obtain from other orators. There are mainly two ways of communication i.e. verbal and non-verbal. So, what are the tips to improve body language?

Tips to Improve Body Language

What is Body Language Types?

  1. Eye Contact – It works as a key role player in conversation. You may have seen this in school when teachers deliver lectures. This makes students memorize the concept of teachers fast.
  2. Hand Expressions – This is another way of putting your concept truer. It is a part of body language. Speakers should use it while speaking. Basically, it is the waving hands left or right while lecturing.
  3. Handshakes – It is basically a greeting trend in India. When you meet someone after a gap then this greeting exchanged. There may be other ways of greeting depending on various countries.
  4. Body Posture – It is another part of body language. It plays a key role in your overall personality. In an interview, it is most important while facing the penal members.
  5. Other Expressions – It consists of eyebrow movements, eye gestures, lips expressions, etc. They also play a key role in conversations.

How to Improve Body Language?

  1. Improve Knowledge – Remain up to date with the things happening around you. This will boost your morale and give confidence.
  2. Make Smiley Face – Although sometimes it is hard to do, yet you can improve conversation even in critical situations. This skill is so much important in marketing jobs where we need to face different personalities.
  3. Socialize Yourself – It means to gain internal personal and good communication skills. You should interact with people from various social groups or societies.
  4. Remain Patient – Keep your feeling and enthusiasm in control all the way. Excess of these things can mar the conversation. You know, excessive of everything is bad.

Thus, in the following ways, students or anyone can improve their personality and body language.