Overcome online class challenge with home tuition in Mohali

challenges with home tuition in Mohali

For the past year, every student has been struggling with the educational environment. Pandemic has completely changed the study’s scenario. Online classes are the only choice students are left with. To follow the school’s guidelines during the COVID-19 situation, they have to regularly attend online classes. Although not everyone is comfortable with online classes, Brainstorm came as hope for many. With the guidance of our home tutor in Mohali, many students have overcome their challenges with online classes. 

Education is not entitled just to getting higher marks but to encounter challenges that hinder their growth. Studying at home with online classes distancing them from the class environment. Sometimes students are not able to cope with the teacher or sometimes it’s a technical issue. Whatever the situation, their education must not suffer. Being in this field, we understand parents’ as well as children’s concerns. Our teachers are experts for improving kid’s performance through different activities. They have been instilling growth factors into them and keeping them active and creative. 

But first of all, we need to understand what sort of challenges students are facing. So that these could be recovered on time. 


Technical issue:

One of the major problems that have been encountered is technical issues. Some students are not having good technical support such as internet connectivity. And others might have poor device problems. In both cases, students miss their important study time. Poor internet quality causes improper downloading and more time to reload the videos. A fast or slow internet connection can drastically impact whether you can join the class and prevent losing any live sessions. Moreover, some students are not even familiar with gadgets and technology. They also suffer from the consequences of online learning. 

Tips to handle technical issues: 

The best way to avoid such situations is to contact your teacher and inform them about your situation. Secondly, connect with your service provider to tackle and resolve the problem timely. Brainstorm’s home tutor in Mohali constantly helps students to be familiar with technical advancement. 


Time management:

The easier it seems, the more complicated the whole process is for students. However, online learning has changed the student’s and their parent’s timetables. Maintaining the study and playing activities become difficult. To meet the school criteria, students spend most of their time online and then complete their tasks. It’s not only affecting a kid’s personal growth but their creativity and productivity too. 

Tips to work on time management:

Sit with your parents or schedule a meeting with the teacher and ask for their help in fixing your schedule. Make a list of priorities and work on it accordingly. Home tutors in Mohali are experienced and help their students to tackle schedule issues. A brainstorm, we have flexible timings, 24*7 support services for students. 



In our challenge list, Adaptability is next. E-learning is not an easy environment for every student. Most of the students are not able to cope up with its computer-based home learning style. Shifting from traditional classes to online classes has degraded their performance. For some students, it has become difficult to focus on their studies. 


Tips to make them more adaptable with e-learning:

Consult your teacher about this issue. If you ask for their help in the first place, you’ll need not suffer in the future. Brainstorm’s home tuition in Mohali assists many students with their experience and consistent support to adopt online learning. Through different activities and presentations, online classes can serve the purpose of fun and education with ease. 


Bottom line:

We all have been suffering through the same situation. Students need to stay motivated and creative. Keeping them engaged in different activities makes them productive. The best thing for students is to communicate with teachers, parents, and their classmates. Home tuition in Mohali offers integrated courses with experienced teachers to overcome their online learning concerns. Be strong and face your challenges strongly. Good luck!