Offline and Online Tuition Differences

Offline and Online Tuition Differences

What is the Difference between Offline Tuition and Online Tuition?

Teaching is a tradition in every society and culture since the old times. In old-time teacher and students kept close bonding, or even after their education was over. With the passage of time, so many things have been changed in the educational sector. Offline and Online Tuition Differences are there. Nowadays the use of latest techs in education become a trend. With the coming of the tech revolution, the traditional educational system divided into two types/aspects i.e. online tuition and offline tuition. Both have their own importance and drawbacks.

Offline Tuition or Home Tuition

Offline tuition means personal teaching and learning between tutor and student. This is a traditional way of education in India. Teachers go to schools, colleges, and universities for delivering lectures to students personally.

Importance of Home Tuition/Offline Tuition:

Choice of Finding Good Tutor – It is important here that we can find a good tutor for us or for our children. We could know personal records of tutor in real sense. Sometimes we know many tutors of the same subject, so we have a choice to select the best of the best for us.

Learning in the Comforts of Home – In offline mode, we are studying in our home. we can concentrate better than in a new place. We feel a sense of security in our home as well.

Free from the Frequent Visits of Class – Offline tuition saves students’ time of going and coming back to coaching centers. So, you can save at least one hour every day.

Parent Supervision – Another plus point of offline tuition is the supervision of parents on both students and tutor. Parents can ask tutor the performance of their child from time to time.

Cost-effective Study – Home tuition is cheap and best in so many ways. You need to pay once for the whole month then only left tutors’ job. Here students can gain more knowledge in less spending.

Students Can Ask the Tutor for Repetition – In offline tuition, students can ask the tutor to repeat the answer how many times he/she want to. The tutor could give you personal care all the time.

Online Tuition

Online tuition or study is the result of modern ways of learning in educational institutions. In this type, the teacher and students are sitting in different places while teaching. They may be in the same country or foreign as well. This too has some plus points and drawbacks. Students can save time and can choose a teacher from several tutors. It is economical in nature. Here you need to maintain self-discipline during the lecture is being delivered.

Some of the drawbacks are students cannot ask teachers frequently the same as in the home tuition.

Online tuition is more expensive than an offline one.

If you do not have or cannot afford high-speed internet, then online tuition is not possible. There is another risk of hacking.

There is a possibility of hacking your identity while you are online.

In conclusion, it can be stated that offline tuition deserves greater value than online. Online too has plus points. Due to tutor-student person access, home tuition/offline tuition is more important.

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