Master English Language Quickly

Master English Language

Do You Want to Master the English Language? Go through this Article.

Learning the English language is always a craze in everyone. Speaking more than one language shows your broad personality. Why do we need the English language? How to master English language? The answer is simple i.e. the widespread use of English language throughout the world. Almost all the information of research, development, experiment, discovery, investigation, and the like others are written in the English language.

In India, so many people still cannot write, speak and understand the English language. The number of non-English speakers is found in rural areas. The main reason behind this is awareness, environment, and efforts. Rural people are simple and mostly working in agriculture sectors where rarely they need the English language. So many people from semi-urban areas cannot speak English properly.

How to Learn and Master the English Language?

To gain control of the English language neither easy nor tough. You need to practice regularly. For mastering the English language, you need to divide the whole process into four main parts i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking. We discuss all the four parts in details one by one.

1. Reading

This part consists of your ability to read something written in the English language. So many people cannot even pronounce English words properly, or some even cannot speak them. The reason behind is the articulation system. It means your tongue do not the speak angle to speak English words, or you may not know the English monophthongal and diphthongal vowels.

To gain mastery over reading the English language, you need to practice so much. Just make this your habit to read in English whatever you have such as newspaper, magazines, books, pamphlets, etc. Keep reading them either you are understanding or not. It is correcting the angles of your tongue, so as you can read English words easily. If you are striking any word whose meaning you do not know, just write down it in your notebook with its meaning. After you become able to read the English language then step forward to the next level that is writing.

2. Writing

This part comprises your ability to write English language grammatically correct. In this section, you need to check your writing speed as well e.g. in 1 minute how many words you can write. Normally when we write our own English, we can write 25 to 30 words per minute. It may be more than or less than. Next, we can write the same words if we have crammed answer. Your writing speed depends on the two things i.e. the flow of thoughts in your mind and the speed of your hand to write these words.

This all is possible only after you prepare well your topic. For grammar, you need to consult some standard grammar book, one such example is Wren and Martin (8th or 10th class). You need basic knowledge of all section of grammar such as tenses, verbs, pronoun, adverbs, clauses, narrations, etc. Just basic knowledge here no need to master it.

3. Listening

After writing another aspect is listening to the English language. It will help you to understand words and their pronunciation. For this, you can use English news channels, lectures of any prominent people, etc. the purpose of these is to make you aware of English speaking and how to pronounce the words. This will also teach you facial expressions, body language, etc.

4. Speaking

This is the most important part of mastering the English language. There are some of the peoples do not know writing or reading but they can speak the English language. Why is like that? The reason is maybe they are staying in an English speaking environment or society. Another reason is that there are many languages in India but there is no alphabet of them but they still speak the language. Basically, it is called their mother tongue.

For obtaining mastery in the English language you need to practice it every day and every time. It means to make this your interest and habit of speaking all the time in the English language. In starting maybe, you will speak wrong sentences. Speak short lines such as I want to play a game, he speaks very well, she can run, etc. Practice make you perfect one day, I’m sure.

One demo is you just stand in front of a mirror and speak. This will boost your confidence. Use somebody language as well, it will show your interest in the topic. Keep practicing this always and make it your habit one-day success is yours. Good luck guys.

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