How to score 9 bands in IELTS


ARE, you looking for an institute that will amaze your skills in English by providing diverse of detox that may help in enchanting your Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills, Bingo than you all are at right place to start with your abroad crystal clear carrier. Let’s face it, the article explained what is required to achieve IELTS band 9 in all four modules of the test… we go!

Listening band 9

In listening module consists of four section. In each section you will hear a recording of a monologue or conversation. Here to make this task easier here we have some key techniques

  1. Predict answer before you listen- this helps you to identify the type of information required and leads to ‘targeted listening’.
  2. Identify parallel meaning- Be ready to make the connection between what the speaker says and what the question asks.
  3. Check grammar carefully- In sentence completion tasks, you may need to change the speaker’s words to make them fit the question grammartically.
  4. Practice using different skill at the same time- you will need to use reading, listening,writing skills at the time during the listening section of IELTS
  5. Improve your spelling-your answer may be marked incorrect if not spelt correctly.

Reading band 9(Academic module)

The Reading passages totaling approximately 2,500 words. The passages are similar to the kind of articles you might read in general interest magazine covering serious topics like nature or the economist.

Here we with tiny techniques for Reading.

  1. Skim-read quickly- try to find the main idea of each passage and of each paragraph. Don’t read all the supporting details. Ignore any unfamiliar words at this stage.
  2. Identify key words- Scan the passage and the question for words you know will be in the passage such as names of people, names of places, and dates.
  3. Identify paraphrase-Look for similar meaning between what the passage says and what the question asks.
  4. Manage time- some question will be extremely difficult so you should concentrate first on the question that are easiest for you to answer. Take no more than 60 seconds to consider your answer before moving on to the next question.
  5. Expand your vocabularly- you will need find the academic module of IELTS Reading much easier if you expand your academic vocabulary. The academic word list is a great place to start.

Writing Band 9

.Here we go… answer both question fully

. use paragraph skillfully to convey several key ideas

. use less common vocabularly naturally with an awareness of collocation.

. provide an overview and explain key points in task1

. produce mostly error- free complex sentences.

The writing module consist pf two writing tasks of 150 and 250 words each. Task 1 requires you to describe some data or a diagram. Task 2 requires you to write a short discursive essay usually presenting your opinion a particular issue.

Some techniques

  1. Always make a paragraph plan before writing
  2. Avoid repeating the same words too many times.
  3. In Task 1, do not attempt to explain or present reasons for the data
  4. In Task 2, remember that you can write about other people ideas as well
  5. Mistakes are much more obvious in writing than in speaking.

Speaking Band 9

. speak fluently and at length on any given topic with almost zero hesitation.

. Use a range of linking words accurately to develop ideas

. Use higher and idiomatic vocabulary to convey precise meaning.

. Produce mostly error-free simple and complex sentences.

. Use pronunciation and intonation patterns similar to those of native speaker.

Some techniques

Spekingmoduke is a face to face interview divided into three parts. The speaking module is the same in both the academic and general training version of IELTS.

  1. Memorise some checking questions.
  2. Avoid ‘parroting (repeating back) the words in the question.
  3. Avoid silence or hesitation
  4. In part 2, try to keep talking for two minutes.
  5. In part 3, try comparing different ideas and opinions.

At the end it required fully dedication to have a crystal clear path to score 9 bands in IELTS.