How to Make Study Timetable?

make study timetable

Without making a schedule or timetable we cannot achieve anything. Planning is an important part of success. It could be for anything such as sturdy, exam, game, gym, etc. Here we will discuss making a good study timetable for school children.

Study Timetable Making Tips

  • Check out the syllabus and complex areas where you need to focus on study. Make a list of all the subjects and then see the volume of topics. Divide all required subjects and assign time to them accordingly.
  • Think which the best point of time is when you could concentrate fully. This time could be given to study for memorizing subjects. This could be early morning, noon, evening and night-time. This time probably should be peaceful.
  • You need to keep memorizing the subjects you read already last week. This you need to do because our mind has a tendency of forgetting things with the passage of time. For keeping in mind, we need to read again and again.
  • You should not study continuously, its not good. Take breaks (5-10 minutes) in it, possibly after 2 to 4 hours at a time after every 40 to 50 minutes. Your sitting capacity should be at least 2 hours at a time. In this, you can concentrate and read enough materials.
  • Make weekly study targets if you could. It is beneficial for you.
  • You can practice writing the answer if you have enough time to do so. This is like you writing in the exam.
  • Study throughout the year. Don’t think you could prepare all things just 2 or 3 months before the exam. No, you cannot do that. It’s like you gambling with your study and career.
  • Never go to study just after your meal. After eating our digestion process start and more supply of oxygen flow to food parts than the brain. This is the reason we feel a bit sleepy after taking food.

Thus, there are so many ways you can apply before making your study timetable. Methods could be others too. Just figure out the things based on the available sources in your hand.