Home Tutor for JEE Main During the Pandemic Situation

JEE Main Home Tuition

The competitiveness regarding IIT-JEE is becoming more overwhelming every passing year. Presently, the rule is that students must qualify the mains or JEE entrance exams even to sit for the JEE advanced. Later, based on the JEE Advanced exams results, and considering the cut-offs for the year, students will apply in different IITs. Now, all of this can become a bit too daunting for aspirants, and Brainstorm understands that. 


While on the one hand, a home tutor for JEE main is critical, meeting someone in person can be a health risk. Plus, everyone is scared to travel, so it is a problem for home tutors and students. However, considering the new normal, when schools and colleges function with online classes, why not do the same regarding home tuition for JEE main


Brainstorm believes that your JEE preparation must be beneficial if you aspire to clear the mains with a good score. Besides, if someone thinks that it is possible to remove the exams easily by self-study, that is not right. The truth is that the students who prepare well will rule the result charts after the exams. Plus, you must know that a home tutor for JEE main plays an irreplaceable role in such success stories if you are unaware. 


Now, you may resent joining a coaching class with 40 other students in the same batch. That is also why Brainstorm offers you personalized coaching and that too online. While online courses are a new concept, but that is now the safest option of availing home tuition for JEE main. 


Is it an excellent option to take online coaching for JEE preparations?

You may feel that it is impossible to prepare for IIT JEE mains via online coaching, considering that it is one of the most complex examinations worldwide. However, you would be glad to know that it is possible to do so, and it is indeed the right choice in the light of all social distance requirements. So, what do you think is the primary requirement that a student has from a private tutor?


It is quality teaching and nothing else. It means whether the tutor is sitting in front of you or imparting lessons via electronic media, quality must be the priority. Whether you are attending a traditional classroom program or just online classes, the platform does not matter so much. If the quality of teaching is excellent, then nothing else matters at the end. 


Do you know that the top Kota coaching Institutes (mostly IITians) is almost over a crore? So, why do you think that these institutions are paying so much money to the teachers? It is because everyone knows that a tutor’s effort is significant for adequate preparation of an aspirant. However, not all IIT aspirants can afford to join these institutes. So, they should prepare through online tuitions. 


How does an online coaching class take place?

The process of online coaching is relatively simple if a student has an active internet connection and a laptop/computer. Using these two, a student can attend online classes from anywhere in the world. The student will receive login credentials or a link using which he/she can join the virtual classroom. 

The same looks like a regular classroom, where the only difference is that the student and teacher interact via an electronic medium. There will be everything, including a blackboard too. Besides, you can raise your hand and ask a question whenever you doubt a lesson like you would have done in a traditional classroom. 


Student and teacher interaction in an online JEE coaching class

Before you want to join an IIT coaching, there are some essential points that you must take note of. The crucial thing here is to maintain proper two-way communication between the student and the teacher. The same is very important for the success of any online coaching class. If there is a lack of proper communication, online coaching will look like nothing but a broadcast channel. 


Online coaching classes for IIT JEE is gaining popularity now, and there are various reasons for the same. The most important is that you are getting the guidance of very qualified teachers sitting at the comfort of home. Besides, there is a personal touch to the lesson, and the teacher is able to look after the problem areas of a student in a better way. Last but not least, online coaching lessons are less expensive than joining an otherwise coaching institute.