Comparison of ICSE and CBSE Boards

cbse and icse boards

There are many school boards in the Indian education system such as ICSE, CBSE, NIOS, and state government boards. They have their own set-ups and ways of teaching. Most common and mainboards are ICSE and CBSE. They are abundant in numbers all over the country. Before taking admission, you should know some important things about them.

ICSE Advantages

1. ICSE syllabus is comprehensive in nature and gives equal importance to all subjects.

2. Certificates from ICSE boards are highly recognized throughout the world.

3. More focus is given on English language than any other boards.

4. The wide availability of subjects for students to choose from.

ICSE Disadvantages

1. Syllabus and examination are huge on this board. For example, sixth standard students have to give 13 exams whereas in 6 exams in CBSE.

CBSE Board Advantages

1. All the entrance tests are based on CBSE syllabus studied in classes. The biggest benefits to students that they already know this.

2. CBSE board syllabus and study is easier than other boards. Students can study in a stress-free environment.

3. Parents can find CBSE school easily than other boards in their vicinity.

4. NCERT and Government of India have recognized CBSE boards. So students can enroll anywhere in the country easily.

CBSE Board Disadvantages

1. In this board, students are not given sufficient practical knowledge. The syllabus put more importance on the disciplines of mathematics and science.

2. Most of the syllabus focuses on the theoretical manner in all the subjects, that is not good.

Finally, it can be said that both boards have advantages and disadvantages. Both have their own syllabus, ways of set-ups, method of teaching, etc. In India, CBSE board is more popular than ICSE or any other boards. Students can select any of the boards according to their own choices. Interests and conveniences.